Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hair Plans

As mentioned in my previous post I cut my hair to get rid of some split ends that were bothering me. I plan to stay into the protective style/low manipulation area of hair styling at the moment. I am looking to gain growth and healthy hair. My goal is to see a dramatic decrease in splits and have APL by at least this time next year.

I still have my braids in from 4 weeks ago, but it is time to take them out, do a pre-poo treatment with olive oil and coniditoner, and probably twist it up for a week. I am thinking about following College Curlies idea for twists with my own added touch. Smaller twists, pinned up all around.

Pre-poo is my new found love. Basically to pre-poo is to add conditioner or oil(s) to your hair BEFORE you shampoo. It beats deep conditioning after shampooing because I don't have to re-enter the shower to rinse after being under the dryer for an hour. I can jut apply my oil mix (olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and vit e oil) and then go. My hair ends up being uber soft after I shampoo!

What do you guys prefer? Pre-poo or deep conditioning after shampoo?

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