Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Natural?

The first time that I thought something was wrong with my hair was in the 8th grade when I asked a friend to braid my hair and there was hair all over the table and floor and comb. She complained about it and another girl asked me why my hair was every where, I played it off and said that I didn't know what she was talking about. Well, fast forward about 5/6 years to college...I would constantly have to sweep up hair from the floor because my hair was constantly breaking, no matter how much I would try to "grease my scalp" or Deep Condition. NOTHING STOPPED THE BREAKAGE!

I thought not combing it would help, but that made it a nightmare when it came time to wash my hair. I also noticed a balding spot on the right side of my head that came from me wrapping my hair and combing it all the time. My mom went natural, so I thought why can't I? I like having big, voluptuous, thick I transitioned for the first time after my freshman year ended into the summer, but I was pressured to put a relaxer in it (by my mother of all people!!) so that I would look presentable when I went back to school. I was really upset when this happened. To think I would be nearly OVER a year into my transition, or even NATURAL had I not relaxed again.

This is my second time around and I do not plan to give up anything. I know I am ready to chop off my hair. Not only to transform myself into who I really am, but to prove to others that it doesn't really matter.

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