Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guess who did the BIG CHOP!?!

Yep. I sure did.


Pics have been posted in my fotki so feel free to comment them.

I wasn't so nervous. I was more anxious than anything. My mom set me down and comb out my hair...which I had JUST taken flat twists out of. She kept asking me if I wanted to do this and I was like YES!, do it already. So she did, no water, no hair was dry as the sun. She felt where the new growth and relaxed ends were and used that as a guide. The process went relatively quick, I washed my hair and deep conditioned with Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise, then rinsed thoroughly.

There were still a bunch of relaxed ends left in the front part of my hair and on the sides, so when my dad came home he did a shape up for me and I washed again. The results are those that are in my fotki account.

I have to find a conditioner to co-wash with daily so that I can get things underway and I plan to buy some headbands on hair ornaments to accentuate my hair throughout the three weeks I have left of school. I am so excited!!