Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekend Hair Plan

Either tomorrow or Sunday (more than likely Sunday) I am going to do a wash. As of right now I can feel the build of of oil on my hair, it's gross! I think I may have to tone down the oil usage in my sealing, or just not seal at all. My was plan is to:

-Wash with ORGANIX shampoo
-Do a GOOD DC with Suave Humectant (overnight? maybe?) or BioInfusion Strengthen and Repair Conditioner --haven't really decided which one I need yet--
-Wear it and GO!

In an effort to try and find some type of "regimen". I use the quotes because I don't really want to be consumed with my hair ALL the time, I plan to start taking care of it and giving it what it needs, other than that I am going to let it do its own thing. Anywho, I am planning on keeping with my regular wash/DC every Saturday or Sunday. I find that while I am in school, washing my hair isn't a problem, but doing the DC is...idk why. Maybe now that I don't have relaxed hair it won't become a problem? It's not like I am terribly busy on the weekends...unless I am in the theater...


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