Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I am Back!

I haven't posted on here in a while. But I plan to take it back up. School has got me going crazzzzyyy

But my hair is doing ok I think. :/

I say 'i think' cause I moisturize everyday and rinse it every morning in the shower. I really try to wash my hair every week and where I was deep conditioning every week. It has dwindled down to about twice a month, if that. I think this is where my hair suffers the most. But I have a month break and I am determined to do some major TLC over the break. Here is my planned routine: 

- CLARIFY! I have found that me and my hair love Suave Clarifying Shampoo, it strips my hair, but not the point where it is brittle and dry. After I shampoo with this stuff, my hair is very soft. I am keeping this in my routine/staples. 

-DEEP Condition! Haven't done it in about two weeks and honestly, my hair seems to suffer a lot. I want to try the avocado hair smoothie that is Kimmaytube has on YouTube. 

-BRAID IT UP! To give my hair a break from the winter weather bracing down on us..and my hands....I am going to try plaiting my hair all over and leaving it in for at least two weeks. My hair needs it with the constant manipulation I put on it from having my hands in my hair all the time. OOPS!

While my hair is in those braid plaits I am going to moisturize it everyday and shampoo as normal. Hopefully my hair will turn out ok....

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