Friday, July 9, 2010

Fro'n It!

Hello! I hope you guys had an awesome fourth! I spent some time in TN for the fourth with my fiancée for his family reunion and enjoyed ever minute of it. My hair was thriving in the humid weather there (during the day anyway -- it tends to get much cooler at night there). I wore my hair out the whole time I was there and then some, so its been almost two weeks with my hair being worn out. I haven't seen any real breakage or damage. Just nice, BIG, healthy results:

Whenever I need to get some tangles out a just hop in the shower, wet my hair, run some conditioner through it and finger detangle! And the best part is that I only have to do it about once a week. Finger combing is much better for my hair and I am going to keep it in my regimen. My shower comb/Denman is just going to be used when I need to clarify and get shed hairs out, other than that I will use my trusty fingers. This is my hair the day before yesterday: (you can also check out my fotki for more pics -- the link is to the left! ^_^ )

I know Mook from Fotki declared it Afro Independence Day on the fourth, so I represented the best I could. How did you guys wear your hair for the 4th?

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