Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Experiment: AVC Rinse

Today I was thinking about hair care and how much I would like to go on a more natural approach to hair care, but without breaking my already so little budget (college kid working PT here!). I also want healthy hair! So I went to Target (which has a great selection of natural hair care IMO) and saw all these shampoos and conditioners and leave-ins and style stuff...needless to say I became very overwhelmed. I ended up leaving the store with some honey (for a deep condition) and Hollywood Beauty Olive Cream (not really all that natural, but it has some good ingredients!)

Any who, I came home and began thinking, what can I do to get natural hair care without breaking the bank? And I remembered kimmay from youtube and her series on The Structure of the Hair. She talks about alkaline and acids. And basically, acids make the hair shaft lie down while alkaline (allowing moisture be kept in) make the hair shaft stand up (allowing water and out, moisture balance gets knocked out of whack).

AVC (Apple Cider Vinegar)is an acid. I have heard the many praises of AVC rinses, but I have never really done one myself because I simply hate the smell of vinegar. So in my determination for natural hair care that leaves healthy results, I am going to try an AVC rinse tomorrow when I wash my hair!

What I will do the first time around, and I will explain this in a minute, is to wash my hair, deep condition it, and then do a final rinse with AVC. Just as simple as that.

I plan to try this out two times once doing it after a condition treatment and once before a condition treatment. The reason for doing this is to see what benefits MY hair the best! I will be sure to post some results in my fotki (visual) and here as well.

Are you guys attempting to reach a hand out into the natural hair care routine world? What are you doing?

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