Sunday, August 1, 2010

NAPPYIVERSARY! and RESULTS: Roller Set and Silk Wrap

I celebrated my first year in nappydom a few days ago. The reason for trying the whole silk wrap and roller set was to see my true length without applying too much heat to my hair.

My hair didn't turn out how I would have liked it to, but it came out semi-straight nonetheless. Because my hair is sooo thick I wasn't even able to do the silk wrap first I was upset, but I just brushed out the curls with my denman (which made my hair sleek and smooth). Needless to say, my hair was soft and my fingers could easily run through all of my strands! :)

I did spray my hair with John Frieda Heat Defeat Spray before getting under the dryer and my hair didn't really revert until the second day when it was raining and such.

Now to pictures:

Picture strip for my nappiversary!

rollerset brushed out

texture shot

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