Saturday, August 7, 2010

Becoming a Mixtress

Yesterday I took my mixing abilities to the test. My hair had been washed and deep conditioned the day before, but I was too lazy to style it in any way, so I just left it in six braids as I usually try to do after a wash. Yesterday I wore my hair out (moisturized it and everything) to go out to the stores. I came home and decided I needed to do something to my hair to keep it protected. I put in a set of twists with a little side-swipe.

Anywho, the point is that I didn't want to moisturize my hair AGAIN with the same products after if was already moist and such. Then I remembered that I have a stick of cocoa butter at the bottom of my stash and I had read in numerous places that many naturals use this to twist with. It wouldn't hurt to try it out right?

I 'softened' it in the microwave for about a good three minutes (the reason for the quotation is that the stick never really got soft...I had to mash it up with a fork) and added some coconut oil. Adding the oil, from what I read, was supposed to help the mix have a butter consistency, but that was not the case. It didn't take long for the mixture to solidify. Nevertheless, I made it work and used it anyway.

My hair was sooo soft and literally felt like butter. I am definitely going to have to revisit this in the future and possibly look up some more recipes. Possibly research things a little more...

Do you guys do any of your own product mixing? What do you make?


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