Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trusty Box Braids

Sunday I move back into school for my FINAL SEMESTER of COLLEGE! I am really excited, but at the same time I know it is going to be uber stressful because this is the semester my thesis is due. X_X

I don't really want to be bogged down with all things hair while I make this transition to go back to school after being at home for a month and a half. After all, most of my time will be spent in class, the library, and doing my internship. Soo...what to do what to do? I figured why not put in a set of box braids (w/o extensions of course)? They are versatile and easy, just like two strand twists...sure the install and take down is a pain, but they are something I visit often.

My very first set of box braids

Another, a few months later


One more time (these are the last set I did...probably back in August/Sept 2010?)

For me two strand twists don't last more than a week in my hair, not matter if I use gel or not, they always unravel and look messy after a few days. They are just trusty...

I will be making these much smaller than most of my sets have been and will probably wear them (hopefully) for up to six weeks. That means they will be in until the first week in March which is OK with me. I plan to take my time with them and use a homemade hair butter in the process, but I will post more on that later.

What is your trusty syle?


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