Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Hair Resolutions/Challenge?

My hair is improving. Ever since I came home for winter break I have been deep conditioning every week that I shampoo. I used to do this when I first went natural, but being at school makes me extra lazy and I didn't keep up with it. I love how my hair is responding...

So in 2011 here are my hair plans:
-Use a lot less heat. At school time is precious and I would blow dry my hair, which (even though I used a heat protectant) resulted in dryness and breakage. But I am going to combat that with my new updated regimen that I will post about in the next few days.

-More protective styles. Again, while in school I found my hair doing a lot better in protective styles, but I can never keep it going. Well its been going for the last two weeks and it's gonna stay that way until at least the beginning of April! :)

-Up the moisture. I bought my favorite moisturizer in two bottles so that I will not go out again. Added a little cocoa butter to it...and now my hair just soaks it up.

-Learn more styles. I kind of picked up the Banana Clip Bun from kimmaytube, but I am going to do more styles with twists and braids. They tend to stretch out the hair so there are no SSK (single strand knots) as well as protect my ends.

-Keep up with documenting hair. This may include videos and will DEFINITELY include blogging. I don't want to become a Youtube guru or anything, but it will help me personally with my journey...I just gotta keep with it! I have a fotki that I haven't posted on in MONTHS!

So I am going to stick to these as best I can. I want to grow my hair to at least a little past APL when stretched so I am going to be working very hard! Maybe I can make this into some kind of a challenge. Protective styles for six months? Hmm...the least I am going for is April, but I might could make it to June. We shall see.


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