Friday, April 22, 2011



Yes, it has been a while since I have posted here. I have been lurking around Curly Nikki and CollegeCurlies, but have neglected to post here. But, I can finally update now that I am not SO busy. 22 days until graduation! And I have some semi-exciting news for you guys, but that will be in a later post.

Anyway, with all the craziness of senior year going on for the past two months I haven't really had time to take care of my hair. For the past two weeks I have been wearing a a puff or just wearing a fro. I have been washing it and moisturizing it like always, but my protective styles just hasn't been what I have wanted them to be.

As I am typing this I am actually under the dryer deep conditioning with SheaMoisture's Deep Treatment Masque. My mom bought me some Shea Moisture products a while back and so far they are working for my hair. I will be sure to write a review later.

Styling wise: I need something simple and easy. I was thinking twists or a twist-n-curl. Hmm we shall see.

I just wanted to check in and say I AM STILL HERE! Be on the look out for a post filled with pictures on my hair and other happenings!


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