Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update (A personal Protective Style Challenge)

(I swear I am going to update this blog more than I have been.)

So what has been going on with my hair?

I recently did a trim because my ends were jacked up with single strand knots everywhere! It wasn't a huge trim, I just snipped off the thin and raggedy ends. My hair/ends feels soo much better. I will talk about the trimming method I used in a later post. Right now I am in the middle of a personal protective style/low manipulation challenge. (I WILL go through with it this time -- I have promised myself that much.

The Details

Basically for three months (twelve weeks) I am going to keep my ends tucked away either in a protective style that is twist or braid based. What this means is that I will braid or twist my hair, put it into a protective style of some sort, and go on with my day. I might throw in some loose hair protective styles once in a while just to get used to working with my loose hair. Sometimes the loose hair is just too much...

I won't stray too far away from my normal routine other than the fact that my wash days will be different because of my wacky work schedule. I will continue with my usual weekly wash routine, but I will add a deep condition after every wash to help with the moisture retention and overall health of my hair. I have been doing the deep conditioning after every wash for at leas three weeks now and I can see an improvement in my hairs health.

Hopefully, within these three months I will gain about two inches of hair and reach my goal of APL hair that is stretched. *crosses fingers* If you guys would like to participate, you are welcome to! Please let me know the results! ^_^

How about you guys? Do you have any goals you want to achieve (hair wise or not) within the next few months? Share them!


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  1. Great blog!

    I'm in a 6-month protective styling challenge on BHM that just started. It's still open and you're welcome to join!

    I'm hoping to be APL by the end of the year, so this protective styling challenge is a necessity! LOL.

    As far as my hair goals, I just did a post about those in my blog. I wanna maintain my hair's health, retain the 3 inches that I should get by year's end, and try out some different oils besides evoo and evco.