Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am not going to say that I hate having such thick hair, but I really do dislike it. I decided to do plaits in my hair just to helo myself transition and help my natural hair grow.

picture =======>

I thought it would take at most an hour, no it took TWO AND A HALF.

Who would like that it would think it would take so long? I realize now why i transitioned for 5 months then quit last summer, it was frustrating!!! But I am determined to sit with it this time.

I may keep those plaits in for a while, then undo them and wear them out. I am determined to keep a style in my hair for at least a week.

I have also been worried about growth a lot here lately, and that mainly has to do with me being so BORED!



  1. Good luck and don't give up. If you style once a week and do styles that blend your natural hair with the relaxed ends, I think you will be pleased. could just CHOP all of it off now!!!!!! JK I know you set a date. I transitioned (even though I did not know it had a name back then) for a year but I did so in an unhealthy way. I suffered heat damage in the front. I hope you post pics from this hairstyle.

  2. You can do it! You will LOVE your hair so much once its Nappy!