Monday, May 25, 2009

I Set A Date

For my BIG CHOP:

August 1st!

This way I can get used to it before I go back to school and I can learn how to style it too. I am sure by that time I will have a good amount of new growth.

I decided that I would work on taking care of my hair, find a moisturizer for my hair and work on styling it. I am style-retarded, really, when I would relax my hair I would put it in a ponytail or just leave it straight down. So I am learning how to flat twist my hair, then I guess I will upgrade to actual braiding (not plaiting) my hair.

I tried a co-wash (conditioner only wash) today, and it made my hair feel really good after I got out the shower, but I think I may need to follow with a heavier conditioner because my hair is rather dry now. I tried to seal in some moisture, but it wasn't working. I don't think my hair likes oil very much. And I don't really like it because it makes my hair greasy and it tends to just run down my scalp (even if I use a little). I am a creme and butter type of girl. It makes my hair soft (both New growth and straight).

I am off to find some type of hair butter/creme to use.


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