Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lesson(s) Learned

Today I was sitting around, searchng fotki's and such when I realized some things about my hair and about myself. Here is a beginners list that I can up with. These are all things that I have learned within the past week:

---Heat + Hair Grease + Jayla's Hair = Hard, Brittle, Dry Nastiness
In an attempt to get my hair straight without a flat iron, I blow dried my hair today. The results were no good. I had a head full of hair that was just plain nasty. And to top it all off...I applied MORE hair grease in my hair AFTER blow drying it.

---I don't like grease in my hair!
I hate having to apologize to the BF about grease being on his hands when he puts his hands in my hair. I am simply embarrassed to have his hands anywhere near my head when I grease my hair. He says it ok, but it really is not to me. I hate much.

---A LITTLE product goes a LONG way
When I would DC while I had relaxed hair I would slather conditioner on my hair like it was nothing. Then I read an article about how to apply conditioner a way that will get the same results with less product. It saves a lot of time and money! I bought some Cantu Shea Butter Leave In a few months back, applied it every day in copious amounts and it left my hair with with flakes. Not to mention I also applied it to my scalp, which leads me to my next lesson learned...

---Apply products to the scalp is useless...somewhat.
Somehow I got into the routine of applying products to my scalp, thinking it would help with the breakage and dry hair. It didn't, my hair grew long, but it was breaking A LOT when I combed it or tried to style it. I now apply products to my HAIR and not my scalp. The results are wonderful. Hmm...

I know that some things may appear to be obvious, but I am just now attempting to learn how to style my own hair and with learning comes knowledge...which means you make mistakes. I don't plan to use hair grease on my hair anymore, nor do I plan to use heat anytime soon!

What are some things you guys have learned about your hair since transitioning, etc?



  1. I agree grease is the pits. I have always hated and prolly always will. I also agree about applying certain products to the scalp. If you are suffering from breakage and bad ends you will need to find a product that mend and heal the hair. It's great your finding these things out while your still transitioning. I didn't discover all the hair sites and forum until my last month transitioning. So, I can't tell you much about my hair during my transition, but I certainly will discourage anyone from apply direct heat on a consistent base. I've been trying to explain this to my mother, but she doesn't get it.

  2. I really didn't transition.. But I had short hair to began with-- Not too short though. But It was breaking off a little when I first began to comb it, I stopped though and just left it wrapped up during the day. Eventually I just went on and the BIG BRAVE BC!!