Friday, May 22, 2009


SO...I am growing my hair out, which means no more RELAXERS. No more breakage, no more split ends (hopefully), no more itchy/burning scalp. Just natural, thick, luscious curls. This descion isn't something that just popped up in my head though, I have been "transitioning" since January. My goal is to cut off the relaxed ends by July/August-ish (maybe September...if I am patient enough).

Along with that I have decided to try some make some goals for myself along the way. Hopefully, these goals will help me to get to know my hair and expand on my knowledge of other things.

Enough jibber-jabber, on to the GOALS!

Goals to Achieve by July/August/September:

-BC before September of 2009 (don't want to go too long with this...I get IMPATIENT! Lol)
-Try to co-wash for a week straight (bi/tri weekly maybe?)
-Seal in Moisture (my hair tends to dry easily, so I think this will help...i also think co-washing may help)
-Deep Condition at least once a week...(I NEED IT!!!)
-NO MORE COMBING (unless wet)
-Learn to flat twist my hair
-Use ALL products that I have accumulated over transition period (...I have a lot of them)
-Find my staples! (and keep using them)

That about does it. Oh, and if you are wondering why I put a picture of Lisa Bonet here? Ever since she was on the Cosby Show and A Different World I thought she was gorgeous...and I wanted her hair.


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