Friday, June 19, 2009

Updates...kind of.

Making it to August may not happen.

At the rate my hair is growing, I may have to wait a while for any new growth for a YEAR! Something I didn't want to have to do because then I will have to use braids and weave or wigs to hide the new growth. I plan on doing a mini-chop in July right before I go to see the boyfriend. My hair is about shoulder length, a little past so I am thinking of cutting it to chin length. I have done it before, so I am not all the terrified of it.

The longest I have had my hair was Arm pit length (when I was relaxed). I think I look cute with shorter hair. Also, I am going to be experimenting with a flat iron for the first time, so that should be interesting. The other day I blow dried it and it came out nice, but with the humid weather down here, it puffed up after about a few hours in the sun.

I also cheated myself the other day, I bought another product when I siad I was going to not buy anything else and use all the products I had. I am going to save up some money and buy some shea butter OR some OYIN handmade products. But this is a heat protection spray from JOHN FRIEDA. Going to use it when I flat iron. It was about $5, so it wasn't too expensive. I do have one product that I am going to throw away through because no matter what I add to it, it doesn't work...and that is Palmer's Olive Oil Hair Milk! It dries my hair out so bad AND it stinks. So, that got tossed and I am going to lend some produts to my some other ones will be gotten rid of.

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