Monday, June 21, 2010


For the past few days I have been wearing my fro out as part of this little week long challenge that I have been putting myself up to., which you can read about here. I will also be posting pictures my hair during this week long extravaganza as well in my albums.

There really hasn’t been any problems with my hair, which I am very excited about! All that I have basically been doing is moisturizing with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner everyday -–which is one of the products I was using up in my Personal USE IT UP Challenge…I only have a one almost empty bottle left!—-and sealing my ends. The humidity is helping as well. My hair is thanking me for the daily moisture which, sadly, I don’t do when I am in protective styles, but I am going to start!

The only really problem that I have had with my hair in the past when wearing my fro out is after tying my hair up at night and sleeping on it, my fro would be mushed and I would have to rinse my hair to get it to look even half way decent. But I fixed that problem with my new satin bonnet, which I purchased after watching this video (found this through blog). The video explains how to preserve your hair at night and the different methods to use, such as bonnet, scarf, perimeter scarf, etc.

Needless to say once I saw this, I had to purchase myself a bonnet! And once I did I noticed a difference in the way my hair looks in the morning. I can spritz some water in it and run my fingers through my hair to get it how I want it, add moisturizer, and GO! :) I love it! Now I know what to wear for my hair when I get ready for bed depending on what style I have in at the time. The only thing I don’t like is looking like an old lady when I wear my bonnet.

What is your preferred method of keeping your hair looking good and protected at the same time when you go to sleep?

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