Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Experiment: HONEY/OIL Deep Condition

As I am typing this honey and oil are conditioning my hair. Now that I am natural, nothing about what I see people putting in their hair surprises me anymore. I have seen people put strange things in their hair, so honey isn't that strange to me. For the longest time I have been trying to find a conditioner that is right for me to deep condition with and I think I may have found them.

I have read on Nappturality and various other forums that honey is a good NATURAL humectant, which means it attracts moisture TO the hair and helps hold in water. My hair seems to have the ability to evaporate any type of water substance, so this was something that peaked my interest.

Many of the websites that I tried to find recipes for all said 1 TBSP of honey and 1 TBSP of oil (most of the sites said olive oil, but I only had sweet almond oil). A TABLESPOON? For this thick head of hair! HA! One site even had some who said they used about 1/4 cup of honey and 1/2 cup of oil. ECK!

So I clarified my scalp and hair (in 4 sections) got a little glass bowl and mixed the honey and oil together. I microwaved it for 30 seconds (most of the sites said 1 min). When I saw how little the honey was I thought, 'yeah right! like this is going to cover all of my hair!?! Well lo and behold it DID and I still had some left over, but only a little. With that little bit I went back to other sections and added more.

Mostly, the experience felt a lot like a hot oil treatment, or at least that is what my hair felt like afterwards, but there was something different about it. My hair was definitely soft and felt very moisturized, but it also appeared to have a little more curl to it (which can probably be attributed to the moisture).

Overall, I was impressed. I thought my hair was going to come out a sticky mess, but it turned out better than any commercial conditioner would have made my hair feel. I am going to be using this (and avocado deep conditioning treatment) from now on.

What are some of your favorite deep conditioners?


  1. I love using castor oil and honey as a pre-poo or a DC.

    My fave DC of all time is a mix of 1 avocado, 1/3 of a can coconut milk, 1 squirt of honey and some castor oil. I'd make sure to blend the mix up because you don't want to get avocado fibers/chunks in your hair.

  2. I love to use avocado for a deep condition! I might have to try that certain recipe though...thanks for sharing it! :)