Thursday, June 17, 2010


Now I won't call myself a product junkie, but I do have some products that I need to use up. The problem that I have doesn't come from PJism, it comes from storing things under my bathroom sink and forgetting that I have them there. I counted and I have 7 shampoos bottles, 5 conditioner bottles, and two styling aids to go through. The reason for this challenge is to make way for other products that I have found a deep love for (ex: Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner!), but to also see if I can squeeze these into my routine somehow? For example, I am going to try to use the Cantu Shea Butter Cream for baggying experiment/leave in (only once a week, maybe?).

One thing that will aid me in my challenge is I found out that my scalp needs to be cleansed at least every 5 days, maybe even 7 days (that is for the summer time). My scalp tends to get these large clumps of build up on it (I know it sounds nasty) which I believe to be scalp psoriasis or something to that effect, but either way it leads to maaaajor itchiness. So I am pretty sure that I can get through those 7 bottles of shampoos in a good amount of time.

So here are the products:

Some of them I am very skeptical about using only because I have had them since before my transition (which was almost a year ago), but I am confident that things will be ok. Mostly the lock and twist gel (which always produces little white balls in my hair when I use it). I plan to use that on naked, deep conditioned hair and see what happens, if it flakes -- its going in the trash.

Are there some products wasting away in your cabinets/closets/etc? What are they?

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