Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Creative Endevour

I made a (minor) accomplishment today. I bought a SKETCH PAD!

Now for anyone who is close to me, they will know I like to make things. Crochet. Jewelry. Food. I should have been an art major -- except I can't draw! But that didn't stop me from making my first sketch of a necklace today. After I got home I went right to it, and since I am no artist, the whole process took about an hour and a half. Nevertheless, I am proud of myself. I had been wanting to buy a sketch book for a while...

I have to get some money to gather a few more materials and then I can complete the necklace. After that, I think I have an idea for a bracelet. And then earrings...maybe even an anklet. Hmmm...

It seems like being done with school has really opened my creative side. Who knows maybe this could turn into something!?!


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